The Letter - short film

Eric knows what fate awaits him. Even so, he writes a letter that reveals the identity of a traitor in the midst of the mafia family ready to kill him.

Making “The Letter”

The Letter was the first short film I released publicly after years of making little films and re-editing television shows to develop my skills. I had worked with my best friend on several of his own personal films and I felt confident to tackle my own little story.

I also wanted to showcase some of my fledgling visual effect skills. So I wrote up this simple script, gathered some friends and talent, and we spent a day shooting.

I used a basic but very expensive at the time Sony HD Handycam owned by my best-friend Nick Blacketer (who cameo's at a gangster).

I ended up learning a lot from this first short. Sadly, the camcorder only recorded in NTSC and it forced me to learn how to convert this to the traditional cinematic 24fps (used Twixtor).

And at the time, I was very much aware that the camera could not give me buttery bokeh like the more expensive cameras of the time. So I ended up rotoscoping the entire film and using Lenscare to add faux depth of field. Took a long time but it was worth it for me at the time.

So yeah, the film is now nine-years-old. Can't believe how much time flies by. Hope you enjoy my first attempt at telling a story visually.


Nicholas Evan Brooks, Don Moore, Kristen Monroe (Lee), Christopher White, and Nick Blacketer.


D.L. Watson - Director / Editor / VFX
Curtis Schwitzer - Music
Melissa Watson - PA
Christopher White, Nick Blacketer - PA
Brian Wardell - Script Supervisor / Producer