YellowEleven Promo from 7 Years Ago

I met Sarah while attending my photography course at Lane Community College. I remember being impressed with her work during presentations and jealous that she had the camera I wanted. At that time, all I had was a little pocket Nikon that I jerry-rigged to expose manually.

After sending her a link to a short film that I had shot a year or so earlier, she eventually asked if I'd be willing to shoot a promo video for her photography business.

Since I had upgraded my Nikon to the proper DSLR aresenal for independent filmmaking and was starving to get some work under my portfolio, I agreed. We met up at Dorris Ranch, a place where I'd later shoot another short film at, and filmed a photo-shoot with one of her best friends.

Being this was my first "promo," I was extremely nervous. And I certainly learned a lot looking back; much of which I'd fix. Nonetheless, she was happy with the end product and used on her website for a few years - and that's all that matters.

Back when I shot this, DSLR video's lack of quality was very apparent when juxtaposed with DSLR photos. And that was even made worse because I needed to shoot at 60fps to get that dreamy, ethereal feel - meaning I had to drop the resolution to sub-high-definition 720p.

Today, with mirrorless cameras shooting at 4K and full-high-definition for high-frame-rate up to 120fps, a promo like this would look eight-times better.

It's just crazy how far technology has come in the last seven years. It's going to be awesome to see where it is in the next seven.

And if you want to check out more of Sarah's work, head over to