My new short film in Pre-Production!

I’m officially beginning pre-production on my next short film called Little Fish. It’s been four years since I’ve released a short film and almost six years since I’ve shot one. During all the time, I’ve recovered from the emotional and physical toll the last effort I did by focusing on my day job and spending more time developing ideas. With my creative mojo juices flowing, I thought my next project would be a feature film, but as I’ve developed that story, I’ve realized that I’m not quite ready to tackle that. Too much to risk financially at the moment.

So, Little Fish was born out of an idea I got stuck in my head after watching the highly addicting Black Mirror episodes on Netflix. Of course, I’ve put my own high-concept twist in it that I’m sure will leave some viewers eager to watch it again to try and decipher what’s going on.

I thought this could be a great project to blog/vlog and showcase the making of the short film - something I wish I had done more on my past projects.

So what’s this film about? Here’s the synopsis:

When Madison Foster awakens in a dark chamber filling with water, she must put aside her fears and find the will to fight to survive.

A new practice I’m doing when it comes to writing my own projects is to get professional feedback on the story, characters, and overall tone. This is particularly important for a film like this as a lot hinges on the twist and making sure the audience feels satisfied with the story.

Using Coverfly, I scored very high ratings. The reviewer is quoted below:

Little Fish is an evocative, enjoyable, succinct sci-fi short film. The writer does a great job at creating a world that is both recognizable to us, but also believably different from our known real world.

The script contains a great opening scene that’s quite evocative and propels us immediately into the action, strongly displaying a clear tone and genre. The scene [redacted spoiler] brings to mind interesting questions that will be answered in the ensuing narrative and the following action quickly establishes relationships that are engaging and easy to grasp, while still containing appropriate mystery.

The overall hook of the entire script is also compelling [redacted spoilers] premise that is handled gracefully and believably here.

The writing, pacing, and structure all make sense and the script moves at a smart pace. There’s not a lot of room in 10 pages, but there’s a healthy amount of action and a clear beginning, middle, and end with a satisfying catharsis at the end.
— Coverfly Analyst
Little Fish storyboards

Little Fish storyboards

Based on this, I’m confident that I have the story down. Now, it’s all about conveying that visually to you, the audience.

I begin principal photography at an unset date next year. It will star local talent and will be produced independently. I plan to shoot the film on a Sony A7s II and yes, part of the film will be shot underwater.

I’m very excited to begin work on this and several other short films I have planned next year that I’ll announce soon.